Monday, November 24, 2008

Ok. Yo soy confudida.

I am confused.
Today was the first day to register Urban Kid 1 for Piano class for the session that starts in January. Before I went to the computer, I asked her, "ok if we stay with the same day and the same teachers?"

Her response? "We can try a different class if you want, Mom. It might be nice to meet some new friends."

Wha' huh?

"I could try different teachers too."

Errrrummmm. Ok. Let me go check the website. Remind me, who are you again?

As things would work out, the only day that we can really do is the same day. And at the same time. With the same teachers (it's a team-taught class). So I re-upped her for the same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

Her response?

"Oh. Well, I guess that's ok. Will there be some new kids this time? Or all of the same? Maybe there will be some new kids to meet."

Based on yesterday's post...... I am completely confused.
And I have to confess -- a touch impressed.

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melissa said...

HA! See!!! Just look how good you're doin'! Pat yourself on the back. (Oh-and in my experience you should hurry up and do the patting, cause they usually do something completely freakish right after one of these moments.But that's just my experience.) LOL! Great job!