Friday, November 28, 2008

I Knee'd You

Thanksgiving here was really lovely! It started out that way, anyway.....

We were invited over to the home of some very good friends. In fact, they are the Urban Kids' godparents. And they finished a year-long renovation of their house, so they had upwards of 40 people over in order to finally have everyone under one roof for the holiday. (and who are we kidding.... to show off the new project a bit.... wouldn't you??)
We ate, we drank, we socialized, we ooooo'd and ahhhhh'd. All good fun!

Part of this renovation was the installation of a half-basketball court behind the house.

And Godfather told Urban Dad that a bunch of guys were going outside to play this:

It was going to be 5 on 5, and they needed another guy. So off U-Dad went to play with the boys. Urban Kid 1 was downstairs being introduced to a Wii system, and I had Urban Kid 2 with me watching the game from the lovely picture window in the kitchen.

I looked away. And then back. And I saw someone on the ground doing this:You'll never guess who it was! Oh wait.... you did, didn't you? Yep, it was U-Dad. He wasn't wearing sneakers. And the shoes that he had on were lacking in traction. He says that he felt and heard a loud "POP" before he went down.

When we got home, the knee was swelling, so he used lots of this:
And called his doctor's office. An on-call doc called him back and suggested he head to the ER for X-rays, just to be thorough. And to call on Monday to c'mon into the office. Turns out that nothing is broken, including the ACL, which is tremendously good news. And it turns out he has lots of space between his knee bones (yeah, it's late & i'm spacing on what those bones are actually called). In fact, the doc said that he has the knee cartiledge of a 30-year-old. So yay U-Dad.

They sent him home with crutches and a prescription for ibuprofen that comes in pills about this size:

But U-Dad feels really terrible. He was supposed to fly to Colorado first thing this a.m. to go out to his mom's. She's in the hospital, having taken a few nasty falls lately. His older brother has been out there for a few days, and his younger brother arrived today. U-Dad feels like he's shirking some kind of responsibility.

He's also apologizing to me! He feels like he's supposed to not create more work for his wife. And that now I have not only two little ones to look after, but a gimpy husband too. He's very irritated with himself. I keep reminding him that it was an accident, that accidents happen. And the whole "in sickness and in health" thing. And if I can do "for richer or for poorer," I can certainly do a gimpy knee for a while.

In the meantime, he's on the phone with his brothers several times a day, and we're kicking around getting him out to her place for a stint between Christmas and New Year's.

How was your Thanksgiving?


Mothership said...

We had a close call with a three year old and a folding chair. Everything is okay, but as I was checking parts and wiping tears, I thought how a trip to the ER would suck! I am so sorry you had to use valuable holiday time that way, though what a relief that it wasn't a major accident.

Sometimes it's nice to be the nurse.

Laura said...

Aging sucks.
OOOO sorry. Should I not say sucks?
Aging really sucks. :)

Jenni said...

Ouch. That's not what I guessed happened from the title though. In fact, I was still thinking something else when I read "Pop". I about hurled.

melissa said...

Ooo- Poor U-Dad!! That is awful! How are things, now? Any better? Ugh.

Jenny in Ca said...

poor U Dad...we had a game like that 2 Thanksgiving's ago- it included 3 brothers (including my dh) and the newer, younger the oldest brother gets hurt, I was thankful it wasn't my dh. I think they forget in those situations that they are not in high school anymore.

It's been 5 years since I've tried a cartwheel, so I guess technically I'm smarter. Somewhat.