Sunday, November 16, 2008

Open Mouth. Switch Feet.

Over at Messages from the Mothership, she confessed recently to a social gaffe. We all make them, right?

So here's my spin-off from her post. My own gaffe.

Halloween Night.

After the kids had looted the neighborhood, we all met back at the house of our very good friends. The Urban Kids' godparents. They were excited to have new next-door neighbors over. A lovely young woman and an attractive middle-aged (dare I say it -- late middle-aged???) couple. The couple lived in the upstairs apartment. The lovely young woman in the downstairs apartment. But both women happen to be blonde.

And I said...... I swear to God........

Oh, I would love it if my mom lived in the same building!

(awkward pause, but the older lady is French and admirably gracious as she says) Oh, I'm nawt heyr muthair.

Oh, I mean.... well, I'm going to my mom's next week with the kids..... so I have Mom On The Brain.... so often since the kids came along, I miss having family nearby...... just can't wait to see mom...... SO! What brings you from Paris to Chicago?

Ok, 'fess up. What's your gaffe?


Mothership said...

Oh, I'm sorry. Why is it so hard to forgive ourselves for having social idiot moments?

Thanks for the mention . . .it's my first time.(:

june cleaver said...

OK, I haven't read this post yet, but I just wanted to say to you that I "heart" Graham Norton. You made my day completely!! I have BBC for his show alone.

Tiffany said...

Oh my! I'm sure I have many many social blunders in the past. Can't think of a good one off the top of my head though.

Laura said...

I spend my life doing this...
usually it's because I'm trying to be funny.
I was talking to a coworker about how this one neighborhood's residents were so full of themselves and I thought it was funny because we used to make fun of that neighborhood when I was little....
My coworker was from that neighborhood.
Oh well.
It's never been the same since.
And no I haven't learned my lesson.

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh dear, not to be arrogant, but I feel quite certain my social faux pas would surpass any of those here! ;) Feelin' your pain.

Oh, and I did reply to the Ikea bunk question

Hope it helps! You can email me at cheryl [at] if you need more info! Thanks for coming by my blog!

Heather said...

The list would be much shorter if I list the times I don't make social blunders! =P Here's one that comes to mind. On a homeschool field trip last year to the NOAA weather lab, I told the meteorologist we were so excited to be there because we were all weather geeks too! He didn't seem flattered. My kids were mortified.
I just pretended I was clueless that I made a blunder and smiled sweetly.

chicago_mom said...

So, this friend of mine that I used to work with (a man) had us over to their child's birthday party. My ds was being naughty as usual, so I was very flustered about the whole thing. Then his wife says to me: "we're having another!" As soon as I realized she meant another baby, I said "wow...way to pump 'em out!" Now, this is their third child, not their 15th of something, and I don't think/say/feel those things ever! I don't even know where it came from. I tried to tag on: "which you should because your children are BEAUUUUUUTIFUL" but the damage was done I think. I'm a total family girl. Why did I even say that? Anyway, it was last weekend so I'm still flustered by it....