Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Car Ride With Urban Kid 1

Hey Mom.....

why do church bells ring?
what's the opposite of Montana?
how far is the sun?
how big is the sun?
how are crackers made?
can you count to a million gazillion?
will you take me to Russia someday?
tell me again how your brain knows when something hurts?
is Aunt Pink Power Ranger awake or asleep right now?
do you think Daddy wrote any bathroom passes yet today?
tell me something about when you were little.
tell me something else about when you were little.
what's an anniversary?
why are reptiles called reptiles?
how many roads are there in China?
how do you build a car?
how many cars are there in the world?
why is a person called a person?
how many days until Halloween again?
why isn't every day Halloween?
why do we have Halloween?
how do we get babies?
how does the baby get out?
who was the first president?
who was the best president?
who was the worst president?
what was the first state?
what was the last state?
why was it the last state?
what was the middle state?
yeah, the 25th state. which one was that?
why is it called the united states of america?
why are there twelve months in a year?

Now. Extrapolate that out to six hours. Which we will be doing next Thursday, as we return to the Mother Ship of St. Louis in order to hang out at Best Namma Ever!'s house. Pray for me.


Mothership said...

LOL!! I totally know that line of questioning. Good luck.

chicago_mom said...

That's SAMMY all the way. Sometimes I look back and my older daughter is just staring out the window and I know she's thinking that she wishes she was somewhere else besides trapped in the car with this crazy talking child. Haha. Do you try to answer all of them or do you skip a few? I haven't figured out a good technique.

Karen said...

my dd did that one day for a few hours then turned to me and said "you know, i think I could talk for days". They are cute. Ms. Frizzle on the Magic School Bus says "If you keep asking questions, you will keep getting answers."

It just gets tiring. Learning to read is a good thing - then the world is full of encyclopedias. They are nice.