Monday, November 10, 2008

A Quick Check In From The Mother Ship

Hi All,

Just popping in for a quick hello from St. Louis. As you may know, Best Namma Ever! doesn't know of this humble blog. And Her Husband is always hovering around the office where the computer is. So I'm finally getting a moment alone. And it's late, so I'll be brief.

I have......

gone to Wal-Mart (aka: Wally-World). I love Wal-Mart. Tons of everything and at stunning prices. I forgot my makeup (the shock! the horror!), so I had to grab some things.

gotten the oil changed and had a scratch in the car fixed. Luckily, Urban Dad hadn't noticed it before we left. I've never been so grateful for the sun going down early and for owning a black car. I told the service guy at the dealership that if I couldn't get perfection, that I at least needed "plausible deniability." I got plausible deniability. And for free, even. It looks only like a door ding from another car, and not like I made the dumb-ass move of trying to get around a tight corner and hoping that the dumpster there would somehow magically scootch over an inch or two. (hey, if it's the biggest secret in our marriage, i'm doing okay.......)

went back to the dealership to get about five more things done. But U-Dad knew they were coming and approved. And they were actually a few hundred dollars cheaper here than in Chicago. But that scratch-fix was kinda paid for really.

gone to the mall...... where we got U-Kid 1 outfitted for winter. She now has Lands End's warmest coat, snow pants, boots, mittens and hat. All purple, per her request. I figure that I can rationalize that we've only really spent half of what it cost, assuming that we can eventually put Urban Kid 2 into all of it too. also........ let U-Kid 1 jumped on the trampoline thing where she gets the bungee cords strapped around her hips and jumps herself up to the second floor of the mall. She thinks it's heaven.

gone to Sam's Club with Best Namma Ever!. Got a portable DVD player. Put the portable DVD player back on the shelf after starting to add up how much money we're spending.

talked with Urban Dad, whose mom is in the hospital of the swanky resort town where she resides. She fell and broke three ribs. Then came home. Then fell again, this time breaking her arm. And needing fluid drained from the lung near the three broken ribs. Seems that vodka doesn't have much calcium in it. Who knew? (except everyone) He's debating a trip out there the day after Thanksgiving. In the meantime, he's on the phone with his two brothers. A lot.

talked with Urban Dad, who told me to relax about the money. We don't blow all that much on stuff we don't need. And we need teeth (we're each getting a tooth fixed), winter clothes, and brakes and transmission on the car. "You're alone in the car with two kids for six hours -- go get the portable DVD player!"

sent U-Kid 1 off to Sunday School with BNE!. She loves it. And we don't belong to a church in Chicago. U-Kid 1 gets to BNE!'s church about a half dozen times a year, so I'm hoping that some of it sticks. I didn't tag along because BNE! wasn't going to the service, due to her own logistics.

told off Her Husband at the dinner table. In front of the kids. It needed doing. BNE! and Pink Power Ranger approved.

had wine with BNE! and the PPR.

played Uno with BNE!, the PPR and U-Kid 1.

learned that U-Kid 2 can lock the bedroom doors.

been beaten at Uno by U-Kid 1.

had chocolate martinis with BNE! and the PPR.

visited a few blogs.

taken a few naps.

visited Not the Best Namma Ever! at her nursing home, about a 30-40 minute drive from BNE!'s.

visited my long-time good friend Julie and her family, a quick five minutes from the nursing home, but always about fifteen for me because of one simple turn that I. always. miss.

And that's about it. We'll run around wrapping up a few of the "oh, and I meant to do this and that" kind of stuff tomorrow (e.g.: go back to Sam's for that DVD player), then return to Chicago on Wednesday.

Hope all is well in your world!


G said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! Ooops on the car ding ;)

btw, you're welcome at my house any day for story time!

Jenny in Ca said...

you sound very busy, but in a fun way! I'm not sure what my mom drinks..I don't ask, but I am sure it doesn't have calcium in it either, I am bracing myself for the call one day of some kind of accident...

I love land's end kid's stuff!

your husband is a doll, telling you to go back for the dvd player!

have a good time!

melissa said...

Sounds like tons of fun! DO NOT pass up the DVD player. Your life will never be the same. Picture this: completing whole thoughts over and over while you drive.

aniowamom said...

Sounds like a fun trip. We used to live in the Chicago area ... suburbs. Carol Stream.

In Iowa Now ... thus the "An Iowa Mom" title. Which is how I clicked upon your blog. A fun little thingy called Pay It Forward Friday ... come check it out. and I hope you'll play along ...

Great blog. :)