Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bad Mojo...

First, the backstory... A Dear Friend in St. Louis moved to LA in her 20's for a California adventure. While out there, she met a guy. They got married & had two kids. The guy turned out to be a Psycho RatBastard who was a raging alcoholic nutjob. Dear Friend underwent a long, ugly divorce and custody proceeding to get the little Dear Friend-ettes back to the ever-loving arms of family and friends in St. Louis. Once DF and the DF-ettes were finally back, PRB continued to be a problem. DF has been legally bound to ship DF-ettes to see him. He's British, so sometimes he would take them overseas. Where ever they might be, hell followed. The youngest DF-ette would often call her helpless mom from the back of some closet and sobbing in tears because PRB was drunk, in a rage and verbally eviscerating everyone around him. You get the picture.

Gee Val, thanks for brightening my day... so what's your point?

Stay with me....

The youngest DF-ette is a 12 (or is it 13?) year old girl who is crazy-obsessed with the Twilight series. I see DF on Facebook now and then, where I mentioned the CliffNotes on my feelings about my own recent introduction (few people IRL know of this corner of cyber-space). DF sent me a note telling me how into Edward little DF-ette was and how she just couldn't bring herself to tell her that there would never be any such thing as a real Edward.

So I was thinking about DF-ette. And how with her father being such a PRB, that she was likely already set up for some weird Daddy Issues in her dating future. And since she was moving headlong into adolescence, that I would happily give her a humorous earful about the realities of Edward at our next gathering (our families tend to hang out at July 4th and Thanksgiving, plus a few times in-between).

And then I was thinking more about PRB and all the hell that he causes people. And I contemplated how it would be such a load off so many people if he just died. I thought a lot about DF, little DF-ette and this idea.

Well, guess what?

Yesterday, he did! (details of what happened remain sketchy)

I'm not kidding.......

I got the news this morning from Best Namma Ever!. A few hours later, I called the Pink Power Ranger and asked what she thought. She said that this would be difficult for the kids now, but that as they grow up and see the bigger picture through a more mature lens, that they may someday understand that this is ... not such a bad thing. So she agreed with me. And leave it PPR, who has spent about 11 years now as a police officer, to be both diplomatic and pragmatic. BNE!, who has more decency in her pinky than I hope to have in my entire body, would not come out and say that. But we all agree that this will be a tremendous load off of DF, to not have to ship her undefended DF-ettes off to LA or London to deal with the wrath of PRB.

When I shared my recent thoughts with PPR, she just said, "wow, I hope you never contemplate that for me."

As if.

But weird, huh??

I'm thinking of directing my next round of Bad Mojo at this guy:


june cleaver said...

Remind me to send you the money for your electric bill. I don't want to be on your bad side kid.

Oh, and there are guys out there like Edward (well, okay.. there are no vampires, and there are definately no GOOD vampires) but there are guys who are willing to wait for things and to go slow and not push a girl into certain things.

who gives a crap if he stalked her and watched her sleep and was 100 years older than her. Those are just small details.

eclecticallyyours said...

Instant Karma is gonna get you is all I can say!
Wow. spooky. I can say that too. And you're on facebook? Me too. This calls for a email...

Anonymous said...

...but I can't find your email...will you come over to my blog and leave and email in the comments so I can get your email and find you on facebook? Does this make sense?

Karen said...

So, I have this .... oh nevermind. ;)

bad mojo. but sometimes bad things happen to bad people to - its only fair.

Mothership said...

I have no idea what you just wrote, but it sounds intense! (: