Friday, January 16, 2009

Using The Kelvin Scale Here

Wahoooo! I have a new modem! And I can actually GET to ALL of my favorite websites! And not only GET to them, I can even see all of the graphics. And I'm reasonably sure that this will now be a consistent, regular thing, and not just happen when I cross my fingers and say the right prayer every third try of every second day.

Whew, it moves fast, this internet thing. I no sooner hit Enter, and whoosh! up comes the website. This is how it's *supposed* to be, huh?

So here's the latest. It's cold. Way cold. As in, -17 F actual temperature. Again.

Urban Dad called in yesterday. He's pretty tough when it comes to cold, but he bailed out yesterday. He just didn't have it in him to strap on the knee brace and hobble out there for find a bus or cab (he's been using the latter rather often lately). So he stayed home and got lots of work done. Today, he called Great Big Urban High School at 5:45am and talked to an engineer -- school had not been called off. C'mon! Are you kidding? Every single school in the Chicagoland area seems to be closed because sending children out to wait for the bus in -30 F windchills just seems, oh I don't know, INSANE! But not CPS. Personally, I wonder if the schools are glorified warming shelters for a good chunk of the population. *sigh* So off he went. Ya gotta wonder what attendance will be like on a day like this before a 3-day weekend.

Anywhoooo, we haven't moved the (nicely shoveled out, thanks to your truly) car in about six days because of the snow and the INSANE cold. We may have to buckle today. Urban Kid 1 has a piano class. I called, and they plan to be there. Ffffftt. Darnit. And U-Dad has physical therapy and could use a ride. Luckily, the car is on our block. I should be able to hustle the two kids down there before anyone turns to glass. Also, there's a library just a block down from piano class. And Twilight has finally come in and is waiting for me. But it won't be there for much longer. So one more nudge out the door.

So while it's really too cold to function, it's been almost a week of not functioning fully due to 1.) either one or the other U-Kid doing some hurling and 2.) the brain-piercing cold. It's time to make our way back out into the world.

It's expected to get up to a whopping 33 F next week. Break out the flip-flops and tank tops!

But hey, did I mention that I have full-on internet now?


melissa said...

All I can say is, you are one...tough....chick!
Gah! Stay warm!

june cleaver said...

Holy Icicles Batman!!!! You have not read Twilight yet? Have I not taught you ANYTHING? I don't care how cold it is out there-get to that library and get that book... you will not longer care that it is cold, you will relish in the fact that it is cold and you can't go anywhere. You will forget you have a husband and children and you will not even care to EAT because you will only want Edward. Ohhhh, swoon.

Enjoy the heat of passion my little friend.


Karen said...

Brrr - I don't like the cold. Not at all. Stay warm. or better yet, run the errands, get a good book, cuddle up with then stay warm and cozy.

G said...

I don't think I could take that cold... though I do wish it was colder HERE, and raining, and more winter-like in general. Tell you what, I'll send you some warm sunshine and you send something cold my way!