Saturday, January 3, 2009

Groceries & Martinis, all in one post

Oooooo boy! Where have I been? Out. With Friends. I'll be back later.

Ok, it's way later. And as I type, it's getting way late in general. And I need to get my rump out of bed early tomorrow in order to knock out the grocery shopping so that I can have a leisurely chat with a girlfriend at the gym (she's a teacher, so I may not see her again until June). Because after that, it's coming home to a husband who will likely be figuring out all of the things that he didn't get done over the last two weeks and is realizing that school starts on Monday.

Darn that grocery shopping. The other three people in this house seem to think that they should get to eat. Every day. Ffffttt.

So let's do a quick catch-up, shall we?

First, I'm way behind on reading other blogs. Well, ok, except June Cleaver After A Six-Pack's. 'Cause she's posting super-hot-beefcake pictures on a regular basis lately, and who can't take a moment for a bit of eye candy? I figure that Urban Dad is the ultimate beneficiary, so why not? Yep, that's the logic.... I do it for him....... Anywhooooo, I hope to catch up to what's happening in your lives ASAP. Ok, as in tomorrow because I have to go to bed soon... darn hungry children and gimpy husband.

Which leads me to an I Knee'd You Update -- Urban Dad is coming along nicely. He hobbles around in his brace and tries to help out. Bless his heart if he didn't vacuum today! (there's some eye-candy right there, let me tell ya) He's started physical therapy and will continue with it three days a week for the next month. I figure that carting him from Great Big Urban High School over to PT three days a week will give me practice for when I start carting the U-Kids all over town for activities. No wait, we already cart around to Spanish, Piano & Art. Hmmmmmm. Oh well. At least he can get both of his gloves on by himself and doesn't whine for snacks. And he vacuums.

Christmas was good. The Urban Kids scored a dollhouse from Best Namma Ever!, and it was a complete and total hit. It was also too big for us to bring home. But as fate would have it, a Dear Friend of our family's is driving to Chicago on Monday, thus allowing BNE! to escort the dollhouse to our place.

Ditto a baby bed for Urban Kid 2's doll. Poor kid keeps putting her doll on a shelf, putting a blanket on it and saying, "baby night-night." It's gotten a bit pitiful. So BNE! is also bringing the baby bed.

And the rest of the gifts were pretty right-on. People know us well, and we ended up with a nice balance of stuff that we'll keep for a year or two, stuff we'll keep for much longer, plus the stuff that we'll use for a while and then toss (coloring books, colorful bath soaps, etc). Given our urban apartment space restraints, U-Dad & I are usually all about the last category. But I'm thinking that the dollhouse will be around for a looooong time, and it'll be pretty darn cool. And I'm wondering what happened to the promises of cutting back this year..... BNE! has a hard time with that when it comes to the Urban Kids.

Even better? Urban Kid 1 got to go to church two Sundays in a row. I like that she gets why we celebrate Christmas. And it gives me a charge to know that the folks at this church know her when she comes in, and that they're as excited to see her as she is to be there. Good vibes.

The Big Gift this year??? My sister, the Pink Power Ranger, has a knack for putting together extraordinary gift baskets. You're always honored to merit receiving one from her. This year, it was my mom that scored a basket. And ultimately, we all scored, because it was a martini basket! PPR got three martini classes and decorated one for herself, me and BNE!. Then she added a bottle of Godiva chocolate liqueur and a bottle of Skyy vodka. (the U-Kids have their treats at Grandma's; PPR & I have ours). Later that night, BNE! broke out her Irish Cream, and we had chocolate martinis. Mmmmmmmmm......Merry Christmas, indeed. Maireee Krishmash, ennndeee.

As we settle into the new year, I hope to get back into the blogging routine. And I hope that all of you had wonderful holidays surrounded by the people you love most!!!


Tonia said...

Welcome back! I've missed ya! :0)

Laura said...

That martini basket sounds perfect.
I love that.
(I do love a nice flavorful martinit.)
Happy New Year and nice JCAS-P rationale.

Laura said...
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Dy said...

Gah. Actually, I'm kind of glad you didn't blog much over the Christmas season, b/c that made it WAY easier to get caught up. :-D

Can I just say that I love you, man! Although there isn't a paycheck in the world big enough to make us move up there, I still wish, somehow, we could be neighbors. Or at least close enough to visit. You are just fantastic, and Officially on my List of Imaginary Friends I Hope to Meet One Day. (Yeah, big honor, I know. Try not to swoon too hard.) Still. You're awesome.

HAPPIEST of belated birthdays to UK-2! So beautiful. I love those little ones, and how they grow. (She's a smart one, too, I see!)

Glad to hear U-Dad is healing and will not be marked for one of those midnight, post-op, mysterious disappearances any time soon. (Zorak nearly fell prey to one of those after his last surgery. Heaven help me. They should issue drugs to the spouses, no?)

OK, I think I'm all caught up!

Sarah said...

I've been out of it too. Glad you're having a good new year so far. :)