Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hellooooo? Helloooooo? Am I here?????

Our internet connection has been inconsistent lately. At best.

I cannot bring up my Yahoo! account! Crackbook has also fizzled. I get some of the graphics of Netflix, but not everything. And I had just enough internet to get a grocery order submitted, because Chicago has become the ninth ring of hell lately, and I'm not dragging two kids out into 35 feet of snow and sub-zero weather to get Honeycomb. (really, I just don't want to give up the parking space that I keep digging out around the car, which hasn't moved in six days because I don't want to give up the parking space. )

And as you can see, what I do on the internet is oh-so-important! But guess what? It IS! Because a few days ago, Urban Kid 2 was sick and hurling. And yesterday, Urban Kid 1 started our day by hurling on the bathroom floor (just two more seconds, she woulda made it...) So between the weather and the hurling, I'm stuck inside. Crackbook, Yahoo!, the blogs -- they're my connection to the outside world. I miss the outside world. I miss my Cyber-Friends!

After spending more than an hour on the phone with AT&T tech support, they finally asked about my modem. You see, our modem is the one that they sent us when we first signed on with them when Urban Dad & I first moved in together. Seven years ago. Who knew that a modem is really only meant to last 4-5 years? So they are sending a new one. And I'm waiting.

In the meantime, I am barely resisting the urge to start liquidating all of our assets and meeting Urban Dad at the door when he arrives home (finally!) from physical therapy with four one-way tickets to Tahiti.


(on the upside? it's just about 5pm and there is still light in the sky....)

And... who knew??????

I hope you had a good one.
Check out the details here.


Stephanie said...

Welp - I have AT&T too, and have waited upwards of four hours on the phone for them to answer.
I'm glad you didn't have to add that nightmare to your aggravation!

Have fun in Tahiti. ;)

melissa said...

I thought maybe you had already left for your Tahiti vacation!

Oh, man...I hope that your new modem gets there soon. It really takes a bite outta life when the old WWW goes out, doesn't it? GREAT is 24 so far??!!! Lovin' it!

Jenny in Ca said...

wow, you sound so shut in...!

hope the kiddies get well real quick, that is the only sickness I dread, it is truly awful!

I am probably the only blogger in the U.S. that has never watched 24.
don't hate me!

but, all that is about to change, dh just got disk 1 of 42 from netflick, so I guess we are about to take the plunnge...

Heather said...

Crackbook? Oh, ain't it the truth?!! I'm so addicted to Facebook, it is a sad, sad thing. Our internet has been crappy lately too - must be the cold. Funny how when it's so freakin cold out and you're stuck inside with nothing but cyberspace to connect you to the outside world, that is when the internet goes down. The curse of the internet Gods! ; )