Monday, April 6, 2009

Baseball, Apple Pie and Cut-Throat Parking

It's been yet another round of rain and snow. The skies are gray, the wind is raw. I want nothing more than to organize the Urban Kids' clothes for the warm weather -- put U-Kid 2's stuff into giveaway bags and figure out what each kid needs. And the thought of being able to leave the house in shorts and flip-flops instead of having to put myself and two shorties into multiple layers of clothes..... it's too much to even dream about.

But today, I had to print out two copies of this: one for the car, one for the fridge. Our lives will revolve around this like the Earth revolves around the sun. Especially the afternoon games.

And I'm convinced that the city arranges for street cleaning days to fall on the same ones as afternoon games, thus eliminating an entire side of the street to parking for the better part of the day. It's free money for the city! And it leads to the need for complicated plotting and planning for those of us living in the neighborhood. Yes, take your car someplace during the day on an Afternoon Game + Street Cleaning Day, and you are taking a gamble with a large chunk of your day upon your return.

After the winter we've had, I'm actually strangely looking forward to this!

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