Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break

It's been Spring Break for Chicago Public Schools, thus giving Urban Dad an entire week of sleeping past 5:30am.

We had a few different plans for this precious week. After all, this is it until Summer as far as getting much of anything done.

Plan A was to go to Albuquerque, NM to visit U-Dad's father and stepmother. For a series of reasons, they have not yet met U-Kid 2. In fact, the last time we went to Albuquerque, well, we sort of went there without Urban Kid 2, but came back with her. (two words, people -- ford. taurus.)

But Plan B soon upended Plan A. Urban Dad's mom has been in and out of the hospital since Thanksgiving. He was supposed to go see her over T-G, but had to cancel the ticket when he screwed up his (stupid) knee. She has had a few more procedures, caused a lot of hell, abused a lot of people. Yep, a diet of Smirnoff and Law & Order reruns does not result in a pretty picture. But this plan changed on the day of U-Dad's flight when his delightful mother by her called and declared, "I do not want to see you. Do not come out here. I will throw you out if you come."

Hmmmmm. U-Dad thought, "let's see -- lots of things to get done here, wife who loves me, two fabulous kids -- ok! you take care now!"

So another ticket cancelled. Thus resulting in a week at home, all four of us.

Can I tell you how I've been sitting pretty all week? As I go through a week like this and think about a lot of other moms that I know, I realize what a one-in-a-million guy dropped out of the sky for me. I've no idea what I ever did to deserve it, either.

This is a guy who had to go to the coffee shop to grade papers every morning (he has a maddening way of collecting 8,000 essays just before a break). But before heading out, he helped get the kids fed and dressed, including changing U-Kid 2's dreaded overnight diaper. On his way out, he carried the stroller down the stairs so that it was ready to go for me to take the girls out later.

Once he got home, he took either one or the other Urban Kid out and about. Often, as U-Kid 2 napped, he would take U-Kid 1 out, thus giving me quiet and alone time. Or he would take U-Kid 2 out and about and then put her down for a nap, so my day didn't need to revolve around said nap. And I was able to take U-Kid 1 to Spanish or Piano and have some solo time to get errands done. Wow, do errands to faster when I'm on my own!

He also insisted that we get a babysitter for a few hours and go get a grown-up dinner at a grown-up restaurant, one that we have not yet tried.

He played the heavy when either of the kids started trouble. (rare occasion -- they are both perfect angels in every way -- *snort*)

U-Kid 1's school stuff flew by because he could keep U-Kid 2 amused and busy.

He cleaned. He emptied the trash. He changed poopy pull-ups and entertained U-Kid 2 on the potty. He brushed U-Kid 2's teeth. Handled baths and pajamas.

I was raised by a single mom. Two women that I know that are my age have been suddenly widowed over the last few years. A few cyber-friends are military wives who endure their husband's long deployments -- and they have more than two kids. A few ladies I know have found themselves divorced and having to handle every freakin' detail of every freakin' day, one after another after another. I stand in awe, ladies!

So as much as he sometimes bugs me with this or that (I, of course, am nothing but perfect love and joy to be around at all times), I have nothing to complain about. Nothing. This week has been a total and complete cakewalk, and I owe it to Urban Dad.

How d'ya suppose I should show my appreciation?


Stephanie said...

lol. (appreciation)

goodbye and goodnight, then.

ohio12 said...

My DH is the perfect guy as well... when he is here. He does work a lot of hours, but when he is around, I couldn't ask for more.

I am confused though, was UK2 conceived or born in a Ford Taurus?

Anonymous said...

Ah CPS Spring Break! Time to reconnect!

I have enjoyed reconnecting to my H during the break. Also, I feel my appreciation has GROWN!

-CPS Teacher

rita said...

Big red stick on bow/s strategically placed. Once I added a pair of red spike heels.

Works every freaking time.

Anonymous said...

"How d'ya suppose I should show my appreciation?"

Easy -- just use my depraved imagination.

- George

Urban Mom said...

George... I am only one woman. And not all that flexible anymore. But a girl needs her goals, I guess.