Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flying Solo

Well, sh*t. Sh*tsh*tsh*t.

Remember that MIL stuff that I sorta referred to in my last post about Spring Break? Well, the MIL is in the hospital recovering from surgery to fix two breaks in her hip. And -- I'm not kidding here -- she has been so abusive and ugly to the hospital staff (again!) that they have drugged her so that they do not have to deal with her. Yep, she's out cold.

Tomorrow she can leave AMA (Against Medical Advice). One place in a nearby town was prepped to take her so that she could recover from her injury. But then they got her records from the hospital and are saying, "no thanks!"

She may have a few other options, but is unlikely to take them. Y'see, they don't bring around Smirnoff and Ambien at these places, so she refuses to go.

BIL #1 has been dealing with all of this for about five straight months now and is at his breaking point. He called Urban Dad today and begged him to come out and have this confrontation with MIL tomorrow. BIL #1 just needs someone to have his back. And to come up for some freakin' air.

So U-Dad booked a ticket tonight for tomorrow.

Now, first and foremost, I feel bad for U-Dad. Here he has a ticket to Swanky Resort Town, Colorado, but is really going to be abused by Satan's Handmaiden. And because he lives in reality, he embraces this description of his mother. In fact, it's kinder than many he's used!

(remember that show Everybody Loves Raymond? I'd have divorced Raymond before the first year was up. U-Dad's acknowledgement of reality and correct priorities are big fat chunks of glue that hold this family together so tightly)

But also important here is how this affects Me. Afterall, it's my blog. So it gets to be about Me.

Remember that other part of my last post about how soft and cushy my life is because of U-Dad? How I stand in awe of divorcees, widows and military wives? Eeeeeeyuh. This weekend is gonna suck.

Up side? It's going to be warm for a while this weekend, so the U-Kids can run off some energy at a playground.

Will try to blog as I can. I've been bad about posting and even worse about coming around to everyone else's cyber-fences for a chat.

In the meantime, hoping that you have a great weekend!

(now, who wants a happy meal??????? and how many d'ya suppose one can feed her kids in one weekend and still be considered a normal woman???????)


eclecticallyyours said...

Ai yi yi!Hang in there! Happy Meals galore! You can do as many as you want for a short period about once a year. That's the rules. I think. AT least for me...

Karen said...

Uh oh. Colorado is having a very nice spring snow storm. I hope the U-Dad gets here and back there without terrible storm delays. You don't need that. I'd stick to one happy meal per day, add in frozen pancakes and cartoons for breakfast and pizza and the kids have a well-rounded diet for a weekend without dad.

rita said...

I really wanted to reply to this one last week, but dumbass blogspot was farting and it wouldn't accept it.

Geez, not that I'm upset or anything.

I was going to recommend Happy Meals for the entire weekend. Do you know how much time you can spend at one of those play yards? (Just forget for the moment all those germs incubating in those things.) My daughter and her family are vegetarians, but you can order a cheeseburger hold the meat and voila, a meal. Vegetables included. If you consider ketchup and mustard to be veggies. Oh, and the pickle and onions.