Monday, September 22, 2008

Hubba Hubba ....... Dammit! (get it? get it? oh, never mind)

I don't know why I get excited about this. I just record all of them and don't start watching until about the 20th hour. I have to do it this way. I can not wait a week between episodes. So they all stack up on the DVR until Urban Dad has to ask, "so are you ever going to watch these or what?" Once I get going, I can burn through them in about 2 1/2 weeks. But alas, eventually the kids think they should get be spoken to. Even fed. And U-Kid 2 wants out of the yucky diaper now and then.

And what's any woman's fascination with Jack anyway? Seriously, anyone within a 10-mile radius of him seems to have a miserable life. A short one, too! But c'mon ladies.... while he isn't Mr. Right, he's one hell of a Mr. Right Now, isn't he? Isn't he, dammit!? (get it? oh, never mind......)

Urban Dad is infinitely patient. In. fin. it. ly.

I know at least a few of you will enjoy this.


june cleaver said...

you know... I have never watched 24 (I know-I don't knwo where I've been... somewhere between Dancing with the Stars and Greys Anatomy) but I have to say that I may go rent all of the seasons prior to this one-have a 24 fest until my butt in numb and my children are put into foster care so I can watch on Nov 23.

Urban Mom said...

That's a great way to do it. Then you can fast forward through the stupid Kimberly Bauer storylines. Saves you a good-sized chunk of time. Dammit.

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

never seen it. As if I need something else to put me in font of a screen. But I do this with heroes. ;)

And I feel about Mohinder Suresh as you do about Jack. *thump thump* *thump thump*


melissa said...

O.K., O.K., Urban Mom...I Too am one hell of a Jack Bauer fan...What can I say...I have "a thing" for men of action and adventure. More than once, I have called Race, "Jack" by mistake. I try to cover, but I'm pretty sure that he knows...dammit
And ditto about the kimberly bauer fustrating was that??

Sheralyn said...

I've never seen 24 either. But I understand, because my addiction is Lost. Only I can't wait to save up episodes like you do. I have no patience, I have to have my fix as soon as it is available!

But yes indeed, I have to agree, Kiefer is a hottie!

Jenni said...

Well, he's better looking than his dad anyway. I never got into 24, though. Dh watched it the first season and I left the room to do something else while it was on more often than not. It was just too intense, edge of your seat, all the time. I'm currently addicted to Bones. I still like CSI, but I can miss an episode without dying now. I screwed up last week and missed Bones not realizing that it was on at 7:00 Central Time and the 8:00 was for Eastern. I watched it as soon as I could the next day on my computer.

Tiffany said...

This is my all time favorite show ever!! I refuse to miss an episode and yes it sucks to wait a week in between. He is soooooo yummy! I had no idea when it was coming back on so thanks for letting me know! I've been kinda out of the loop lately with all this hurricane nonsense.