Saturday, September 20, 2008

Proof That The U-Kids Are Natural Blondes

I swear on Best Namma Ever!'s eyes that this is true.

A few days ago, I was playing with Urban Kid 2 while Urban Kid 1 sat at our computer desk with her spelling book.

She then hopped up out of the chair, raced to the light switches and turned them both off.

And went back to her chair and her book.

"Ummmm, sweetie? What are you doing?"

"Turning off the lights."

"Yeah, I see that. But how can you read now? Turn them back on, please."

"But Mom, they're supposed to be off."

"Honey, turn them on. Really."

"No, Mom! They're supposed to be off!"

Now I'm almost to the point where I will actually have to get up and do it myself. Luckily, my curiosity is stronger than my annoyance. I walk over to U-Kid 1.

"Why are they supposed to be off?"

"It says right here... 'say words in dark,' see?" She points emphatically.

I look at the book and it takes unprecedented control over every muscle fiber to not laugh at my own child.

"Honey, it says 'say words in dark print,' not 'say words in dark.' You have to read all of the instructions before starting. You can read them in the light. So, um, go ahead and turn the lights back on, ok?"

"Oh...... okay......."

She hops up, flips the lights back on, goes back to her book and takes no notice that her mother has gone around the corner for a minute.


Jenny in Ca said...

goodness, that made me laugh out loud...all by myself here in a room!

they keep us on our toes,don't they?!

Trying not to laugh is so hard sometimes!!

at least it provided a good teachable moment about reading -all- the directions!

Jenni said...

Too funny!

Dy said...

ROFLOL! I've got one like that - except I can't help but laugh before I get around the corner, these days. You're a very cool Mom, you know that?

Mom2legomaniacs said...

ROFL! That is great!!! I must say, we are natural blondes here too.

I've been very lame about my own blogging and even more lame about visiting others lately.

Hope you are well.