Thursday, September 25, 2008

Urban Dad's Facebook Page

There's a page on Facebook called the Mr. (Urban Dad) Appreciation Society. It was started by one of his former students, apparently back in January, and has 154 members so far. He refuses to look at the page, feeling that it's for the students and not really meant for him to look at. He gets quite the reviews at too, but won't look at those either.

I, however, feel no such self-imposed restrictions!

Below are quotes from the Facebook page. See if you can guess which ones are posted by girls.

1. Definitely the best group ever! Mr. (Urban Dad's) class is my favorite of the day. =)

2. this group is great, he was my favorite teacher last year and i still go in there to talk to him occasionally. i loved his stories, especially the one when he biked through europe and had a gun put to his head. (Urban Mom readers....I'll tell this story sometime in the future)

3. I once considered failing all of my classes so I could be in (Urban Dad's) class one more time.

4. mr. (urban dad) is a G!


6. I had him freshman year, then got him AGAIN this year! I was so excited when I got my schedule. walking into his class was like the best kind of dejavu ever =D-

7. I'M IN LOVE!!!

8. best teacher @ (great big urban high school). you simply haven't gone to (gbuhs) unless you have had him at least once. and if ur a girl and havent been in love with him at least a little... whats wrong with you? =P

So why am I looking at this tonight? Because it's 7:15, and he's just left to go to a coffee shop to do more work. And looking at this stuff reminds me of the bigger picture when we have a week like this one.

PS: Did I mention that Urban Kid 1 is currently at Grandma Camp in St. Louis until Tuesday night? Boy, it's quiet around here................


melissa said...

OMgoodness! You are married to the hot teacher!!! And seriously, what a difference a great teacher makes in the lives of their students. So inspiring.

Jenni said...

Okay, I never got the hot for teacher thing, but then I never had Urban Dad as a teacher;o) It sounds like he's a wonderful teacher, and that part I totally get. I had a few truly inspirational teachers who made a huge difference in my life. It makes me a little teary-eyed to think of great teachers like UD who give so much of their extra time and effort to make a difference for kids. The world needs more people like him.

Damn, now I feel like I need to go bake cookies for all the kids' teachers. Especially that junior English teacher whose favorite author is Steinbeck. He's obviously got great taste, but he was also one of those teachers that really believed in oldest ds. Sniff, sniff.

Oh dang! There I go again! I must be hormonal or something.

Anyway, kudos to UD. And just what is a "G"?

Debbie said...

Hi Urban Mom! Thanks for stopping by today...any friend of Darcy's is a friend of mine! I loved this just cracked me up...and made me sad at the same time...sad because I realized how old I am when I read this stuff! Mr. UBD is "G"..what the heck does that mean??? SEriously, what does it mean??? You need to keep us posted on these because there is some great blog material there.

Anyways, it was nice to meetcha!

G said...

Heee heee... your dh is the hot teacher! I never had one of those, btw. Sounds like I missed out on something good!