Saturday, March 21, 2009

June Cleaver, Can I Come Over & Watch With You?

Good God, my left leg for a laptop computer!

We've had guests. And the (stupid desktop) computer is in the guest "suite." So my computer time is limited to running down when no one is around, popping on the computer, waiting 90 minutes for everything to load up or boot up or throw up or whatever, checking Facebook, e-mail and the library websites, then shutting it all up or down or whatever. First it was Best Namma Ever!; now it's BIL #2 and his two kids. But they and Urban Dad and U-Kid 1 are at a family wedding now. U-Kid 2 and I are at home -- I wouldn't take a 2yo to my best friend's wedding, let alone some poor soul I've yet to meet. The littlest angel is napping just now, so finally, computer time!

Here's the news:
We had some of this:

This changed names from the Sears Tower to The Willis Tower. Yes, as in WhatYouTalkin'About. U-Kid 1 refuses to accept it. My daddy told me that it's the Sears Tower, so it's The Sears Tower!!! Ok, kid. Go chat with Daddy about that, then.

And Netflix messed me up. You see, I got six months from Pink Power Ranger for Christmas. All I wanted was the cheapie subscription -- $4.99 a month for two discs a month, one disc at a time. I watch too much tv as it is, so I figured that was reasonable. And what I really wanted was to catch up with my TV Boyfriend, who had disappeared from American television.

And you know what released today, right? Because you do not live under a rock.
So I had it at the top of my queue. With the words "Releases on March 21st" next to it. And I, being new to Netflix, sent back my previous disc. And I was getting grumpy with my TV Boyfriend, anyway. Turns out that his series disappearing from American tv was no great loss for this particular season.

I assumed, being new to Netflix, that I would wait a week or two for my "Releases on March 21st" disc to arrive at my doorstep in its pretty, red envelope.

Guess what? That is not how Netflix works! Those Banshees of Efficiency send you the next disc on your queue, as in the one listed just underneath the Not-Yet-Released Disc! In my case, it was another round of my About-To-Be-Kicked-To-The-Curb-TV Boyfriend. Being new to Netflix, I did not know this. Being new to Netflix, if I did know this, I would have waited until March 20th to send back my now-grumble-inducing TV Boyfriend. Because he is who ended up on my doorstep in a pretty, red envelope rather than my Way-Too-Young-For-Me-In-Real-Life Eye Candy. Now all I have staring at me at the top of my Netflix queue is the phrase, "You have no more movie rentals remaining for this period. Your next period begins on 03/29/2009."


That means I wait until 03/30/2009. Nine days. Yes, I know that I could walk into my local Blockbuster and get it. But that would require that I hire a 12yo girl to go in with me as my front. If I can hold out nine more days, I'll get him the movie for free.
So in the meantime, I will continue to check in with my Cyber-Enabler, June Cleaver A6P. I will use my birthday present from her to tide me over. Which would you rather be -- the gunk under his thumbnail or whomever is getting that look? I go back and forth.
Plus this, which she posted today. (i'm giving you props, June! not just stealing it! keep loving me??)

I call this the "Urban Mom, can you give me just a minute to lie here and rest? June has exhausted me for the moment. I promise, I'll be with you in just a minute or two."
Or nine days.


june cleaver said...

oh see... I call that second pic:

"I have just gotten up out of bed and he is watching me put my clothes back on when he says, "Baby... come back in."


Oh-and no need for props-I have stolen a few of your photogs from here and I plan on displaying them for all on the Monday Swoon.

We are even girlfriend.

oh-and by the way... I am watching Twilight right now (and my 14 year old has only said "he's so hot" abotu 1000 times.

Get back to me in 9 days kid.

june cleaver said...

And wtf on the Willis Tower?

Chicago has gone crazy-I would have expected you to stop this sort of lunacy UMom!

Karen said...

Oh that is terrible. My hubby will be so unhappy that I am reordering our netflix queue. :) Apparently I needed a new tv boyfriend and didn't even know it. I've just spent a half hour at bbc america watching clips. I need to start at the beginning.


rita said...

*sigh* You've got company, honey. My dvd was shipped on Saturday, but it'll take forever to get here. With luck, I might get to watch it this weekend.

But I'm having it sent to work--oh God, I'm not at work on Saturday, there's no mail delivery at school on Saturday, what if it doesn't show up by Friday? I'd have to WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK.

I hate Target.

Jenni said...

Okay, I must be old, because all I want to do with that little boy is feed him some extra pasta to put a little meat on his bones. He's too skinny. Then we will go buy him some new clothes because the ones he has will be a bit too small and they already have holes. He could also do with working a summer on dh's construction crew to muscle up--not to mention butch up--a little. Again, he's just too scrawny and too pretty. Let him grow up a little, give him a couple kids, and allow him to develop some character and maybe a few character lines, then we'll talk about sexy. Right now he's looking a little too much like a young Brad Pitt. The candy coating is all sickeningly sweet and the inside is just hollow. I guess I don't like 'em fluffy;o) Brad Pitt is improving with age, so maybe this guy will too.

rita said...

But the whole point of these mental gymnastics is that he's so young and angst-ridden! Let someone else fatten him up; I just want to look at him!

Darcy @ lwm3b said...

YOu are the most elusive person on the internet. Your email is no where to be found. ;)

Email me.

I have a 24 hr rental from Amazon you can have.

I won't use it.