Thursday, March 5, 2009

Surprises from the U-Kids

The kids do keep us on our toes, huh?

Urban Kid 1 surprised me the other day. You see, U-Kid 1 likes to play Dress-Up lately. I never really got into that as a kid, so I'm not too sure about where she got it. I even try my best to minimize the Disney Princess thing. But still, stuff leaks through. And I have me a girly-girl now!

She now gets out of bed and immediately throws on a dress. Oh, and a tiara and toy high-heels too. 'Cause you know that it is all about the accessories, right? I have to shoo her into regular clothes before we leave the house. Later in the afternoon for "quiet time," the minute she's alone, it's back into the dressy gear.

A few days ago, she came out, clicking her little heels along the floor, tiara on her head and declared:

"Mom, maybe Daddy can watch {Urban Kid 2} on Saturday and we can go to Macy's, 'cause I need a new dress."

What? When do I ever say that? I was brought up in more than modest circumstances, so shopping never became much of a habit for me. And today, our net worth is sinking farther than whale poo... the last thing I discuss is shopping.

I told Urban Dad about this, who thought it was hilarious. Then we recalled a rather generous gift card to Nordstrom that his mom gave us at Christmas that was only about half used. So it looks like U-Kid 1 and I have a little shopping playdate on Saturday. What the heck... she and U-Dad are attending a wedding in a few weeks anyway. She's growing fast. A new frock might actually be in order.

Now for U-Kid 2:

She & I had dropped off U-Kid 1 at Spanish and U-Dad at physical therapy for his (stupid) knee and had some time to kill. I happened onto the Wrightwood Park playlot and thought, "Perfect place to kill some time!" before we had to pick up each of them.

So we played. She went into Repeat Mode on a particular slide and kept going 'round and 'round on it. After a while, it was, of course, time to go. U-Kid's class was ending soon, plus I was freezing.

U-Kid 2 disagreed.

So I did what just about every parent has done. I said, "ok, bye-bye!" and started to walk away. She watched me.

I waved some more. "Byyyyyyee!" Kept walking. Kept waving.

Still nothing. Keep in mind that this still works with U-Kid 1!

Walked some more. Waved some more. Thought, "c'mon already! you are 27 pounds of love and are killing my back and neck lately!" I start to approach the gate that leaves the playlot. I reached for the gate.

Finally, a response! Except wait......

She blew kisses at me, waved back and proceeded up her slide!

WHAT THE....?????

She called my bluff and WON! What did she expect? For me to go pick up U-Kid 1 first? To pick up a few Happy Meals on the way? Give her bus fare?

So, yep, I had to walk back over to the slide, pick her up and carry her back across the playlot, through the gate, across the street and into the car.

Based on previous behaviors, I guess I shouldn't really be surprised!

The next twenty years could be very interesting......


Stephanie said...

just blew kisses.

rita said...


My youngest grandson is....a medium. Honest. And now Jesus is coloring with him at preschool and gave him a cookie.

I'm waiting for your analysis of breaking dawn; I'm betting that it's much more insightful than mine was!

Lord but that was a really satisfying series. I hear there's Edward's story somewhere online?

Dy said...

I swear to you, it's like being a first-time parent with *every* child. I'm just glad it's not only me, b/c there are days that I wonder if I'm just really incapable of catching on, or if they're coordinating notes...

The shopping story? Cracked me up. I have no clue how EmBaby turned out to be a girly-girl. I mean, seriously. You have *seen* where we live, right? And how we live. And yet... *shaking head in amazement* If she'd been born in a hospital, I would consider the possibility that she was a changeling.