Sunday, March 22, 2009

La Dora Nueva

Huh. I'm not as p*ssed off as I thought I would be. Let's see what else there is to learn, of course. But I almost take back my Regular? Or Extra-Trampy? post. Almost. It takes a lot for me to do a Full-On Take-Back. Besides, I still need to see what else this new Dora is about, as in what she has to say.

Many thanks to Darcy over at LWM3B for the news and the picture!

(Oh, and eight days left... Cuz I know you were wondering.)

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Jenni said...

Aw, she's kinda cute! I hope they keep the old (or young?) Dora for the preschoolers and just add this new one for kids who are a little older. I think that could be a really good thing because they could also ramp up the whole teaching Spanish thing for those who have graduated from Little Dora. In this case, keeping the kids interested in a show for a little longer would be good. Keep in mind that my kids were too old once Dora came out so I've never actually watched the show and don't know how effective it is at teaching Spanish.