Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paging Urban Dad

Poor Urban Dad.

Let me give you yesterday as an example. He gets up and out of the house before 6am. Teaches all day. Urban Kid 2 & I pick him up from school (sans U-Kid 1 since we had just dropped her off at Spanish class). We drive him to physical therapy for his (stupid) knee. I collect U-Kid 1 and head home.

U-Dad gets out of PT and can't find a bus, so he walks home (seems that the knee is improving, huh?). Hits the door to find messages from both of his brothers to call them. Seems that his mother is once again in rare form, and he needs to be pulled into the loop.

Phone call from BIL #1. U-Dad then calls MIL. Then BIL #2. Then travel agent friend to finally make arrangements to head out there for Spring Break. (no need to take the wife & kids for this trip... it's going to be no vacation)

In the meantime, I have fed both kids and myself, cleaned up, put one into the tub and prepped the other for bed. I'm thinking that now would be a good time to brush U-Kid 2's teeth and put her to bed. U-Dad decides to call his best friend. I'm thinking that waiting 20 minutes would not be out of the question, but whatever.

I brush U-Kid 2's teeth and shoo him away so that I can put her to bed. She protests the whole time that she wants Daddy.

He spends about 20 minutes with U-Kid 1 before she heads to bed.

He hates days like this. I'm not crazy about them myself.

On the upside, Best Namma Ever! flies in today to hang with us for the weekend. She & I are going out -- sans kids, just us -- for a bite to eat. Maybe we'll get really crazy and catch a movie? And God Love 'Im, it was U-Dad's idea. He suggested it on Monday night after a similar series of events -- "I'll take care of the kids and you and your mom go out."

I won't let the doorknob hit me where the Good Lord split me!

Keep in mind that BNE! does not know of this blog, so I'm out of commission for a few days.

Happy Weekend!

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rita said...

Have a great, relaxing time. My mom does, unfortunately, know about my blog, so I have to watch my language and not talk about drinking too much.

I'll miss you!