Monday, June 1, 2009

The Devil Keeps Making Me Do It

If by Devil, I mean June Cleaver After A Six Pack.

I've never been so happy with such a bad influence! Keep it' coming, June! Oh, how I wish we were neighbors. How I wish you and yours were my neighbors instead of the weirdo guy with the yappy dogs.

I love June's blog. And today I was especially stoked because she posted not only all sorts of naughty-thought-inducing pictures of Yes-I'm-Legal-Robert, but the trailer of New Moon, as well.

I'm suddenly believing that being a giggly, simpering 12-year-old is a good thing.

However, that said, I've also come across this video:

Please Robert and the rest of the cast... please just stand around and look pretty. Please don't ruin it by talking. Got that? No more talking. Robert, shirt off anytime. But do not make me acknowledge the reality that you are actually just a goofy actor who was blessed with beyond-deserved genes. Just keep your mouth shut, Robert.

Unless, of course, you're....

Oh, never mind.


Jenni said...

Um, yeah, they should definitely not talk unless it's scripted. Looks can only do so much for you. Maybe they all have really great personalities, but I'm thinking probably not. I'm gonna go check out this trailer anyway, though. I am looking forward to seeing the movie. After all my Twilight hating comments here, you have the right to laugh all you want:o)

Uptown Girl said...

I'd let the Carlisle actor keep speaking, but no one else. Did you hear "Esme" saying how she liked Eminem's performance? WHat!?

rita said...

You're right. If they'd only shut up when they're not acting.

Although I watched Twilight in the car in April and couldn't hear most of it, and it was just fiiiiinnnee. Best two hours I've spent in a car since.... well, never mind.