Sunday, June 7, 2009

Favors and Flavor

Sorry, it's been a while. Best Namma Ever! came to stay for a few days. Since she doesn't know of this humble blog and stays in the same room as the computer, I bail out when she visits.
Before I go on: Uptown Girl -- I really did try to type out how to strike out a word. I thought that since I'd done it under the "Compose" tab that it would show exactly what I had typed out and not take as code. But it did take as code, which means that it looked like some sort of obnoxious blow-off when it published. And I didn't look very closely at the published post for a while. Sorry about that!
On another note, BNE! & I took the Urban Kids to the Nature Museum. Outings are always easier when you aren't outnumbered. But more on that tomorrow. Because it turned into blog material.

And with BNE! here, Urban Dad & I were able to go out for a long walk on one of the rare nice evenings here in Chicago. Yes, people, it's still cold here. I knew we were going to pay for that balmy, beautiful Halloween! But we managed to get an evening where we needed only one jacket to be warm, so off we went for a few hours.

And finally, Flavor of the Month. I know, I know. "Hey, Val, no time like whenever!" And to that I reply, "Better late than pregnant!" Besides, this is a Bad Guy Flavor of the Month. So I feel justified in being late for it since he's bad. He doesn't deserve a whole month. So there. I've rationalized the missing of my own deadline. Besides, what's the fun of creating your own deadline if you can't then blow it off?

As many of you know, I've been doing my dreaded arm work while making my way through Season 7 of "24." And that Jack was last month's Flavor of the Month.

This month, it's Tony. After the dreck that was Season 7, can you blame me? He was the most interesting character in the show! I mean, is he a bad man with a flicker of good left in him that's trying to stay alight? Is he a good man driven to the brink of all-out badness? Is he going to be seen in a towel again? And why can't I find that image anywhere on the internet?

In past seasons of "24," my opinion of Tony was.... meh. But he's lost the Breck girl hair, wears black all of the time and always looks like he smells something bad. And I am completely weirding myself out that he's grown on me over the last few weeks!
But I'm not entirely convinced about what team Tony plays on. No, I don't mean the "is he good or bad" question that was so carefully -- and repeatedly -- laid out of us. But living in Chicago's "Boys' Town" neighborhood, I've gotten to the point where I see things that may (or may not) be there. (notthatthere'sanythingwrongwiththat!)

For example:

Where exactly is Tony's left hand?

And then maybe this?

This kinda made me wonder:

And this:

And this finally gave me enough material to do this silly post:

So what can I say? It's 2009 in America, guys! Own it!

Can you tell that Season 7 aggravated me?

But it was interesting that it was much about Tony as any other character. And that he might be back. I was satisfied with how the story ended (for now) with him. But frankly, he looked like he might be fun to take for a spin first.



Uptown Girl said...

I figured as much when I read your post- thanks for trying! I decided to try and google some answers and figured out that striking thing once and for all.

I love that you said 'own it' in this post. Way to blog it Urban Mom.

rita said...

Love the motivational poster!!! How true, how true.....

I haven't seen the last hour of the finale as it happened a week before we finally joined the 21st century and got a dvr. I guess I'll be forced to buy it. I kept up pretty well on Hulu for the first half of the season, then I got lazy(er).

Missed you! Unfortunately I told my mom about my blog. She keeps asking what the address is, like she doesn't check it, but Statcounter tells me a different story. And it's in the history on her computer.

Jenni said...

You know, I've always seen something similar with Lancelot in the King Arthur movie from a few years back. Lancelot (played by Ioan Graffudd) seems to have a thing for King Arthur. I almost can't blame him since King Arthur is played by Clive Owen, but sorry, that kinda ruins part of the movie for me. That just doesn't do it for me. I kept wishing Lancelot would get the heck out of my fantasy, um, I mean the scenes and stop pining after Arthur.

(Shoot! The strike thingy doesn't work in the comments!)

rita said...
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rita said...

Perhaps I should proofread before posting.

You know, I'd much rather see Jack with Tony--you know, in that way--than Jack with Awwwwdry. I despise that little whining bitch.