Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vacation, Part I

Ok, it's been quite a week here! I haven't yelled at anyone in days, the Urbans have attempted to single-handedly re-start the economy by doing a bit of shopping and eating out, we've slept as late as we wanted, run by the Lake, worked out at the gym and opened more than one bottle of wine.

I also cleared off the camera, a task that has not been tackled since around Easter. If you're new around here, the rule for this blog is no pictures of us and no real names. So here's what I can show you from our camera clear-off

Urban Dad with Urban Kid 2. U-K2 likes to turn away when she sees a camera. If she would just look at me and smile, I would go away so much faster!

Urban Kid 1 Easter egg hunting in our back "yard" area:

Behold: the last Thin Mint cookie until next year..... *sigh* Yes, I consider that worthy of a picture....

From when I took the U-Kids to the Chicago History Museum. Sadly, we weren't allowed to photograph the really cool stuff. But the 1892 L car was kinda cool too!

I took this one at the Nature Museum in honor of June Cleaver A6P. Yep, it's a cougar! (giggle)
Miss you, June!!!!

I mentioned doing a bit of shopping, right? This was the bag of goodies from the Lucy store. I love the Lucy store. Great Mom Clothes. I live in this stuff. All but one item was on sale, too!
We also hit the Puma store. I didn't set out to have a slowly but steadily expanding collection of Pumas, but it's sort of happened over the last few years. And they're having a deal right now where if you take in an old pair of sneakers (Puma or not), you get 30% off a new pair of Pumas. U-Dad kindly sacrificed two pairs of his old sneakers so that I could score these

and these:
I got some pretty big-girl dressy dresses too, but don't have pictures yet. And we're packing to hit the road tomorrow, so that'll have to keep for a while.

I still have a fridge to clear of food so that we don't come back needing to sport biohazard suits before opening it again.

I think Urban Dad wants to take advantage of a last opportunity for privacy that we'll have for a long while too.

More soon! (but not about that last part)

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Uptown Girl said...

LOVE the pics- especially the one where U-Kid 2 is on dad's shoulders. Even not seeing the faces I think it is a great shot.

Did you see June is alive?? She commented on my blog. Sigh of relief....