Friday, June 19, 2009

All Hail Urban Mom's Peeps!

I have been blessed with two amazing people in my world.

Ok, more than two. Which means that I'm living under a lucky star that -- trust me here -- I do not deserve.

But the two that I'm talking about today are Best Namma Ever! and Pink Power Ranger.

If you're new around here, get to know PPR here.

First, BNE!. She is the only functioning player in The Grandma Game for the Urban Kids. And she embraces the role whole-heartedly. She has all of the wisdom, fun, creativity, nurturing, energy and discipline that a good grandma should have. But without the flyswatters that she went through with PPR and me. (ppr used to stash them under the fridge so that bne! couldn't find them; i can only imagine what the people who eventually moved that fridge must have thought!)

She has also agreed to take the Urban Kids for a week of Grandma Camp.

Second is PPR. She has the same wisdom, fun, creativity, nurturing, energy and discipline, plus she carries handcuffs and has access to all kinds of bizarre videos that will make you never, ever, ever even think of taking drugs, not so much as an aspirin, ever again. She also has a pretty wicked sense of humor. What you're thinking? Yeah, she'll say it. Usually when you have a mouthful of martini, thus making you nearly spray it all out, while she laughs at you trying to not waste perfectly good vodka.

She has agreed to meet us in Springfield to collect the U-Kids and drive them the rest of the way to BNE!'s.

And she doesn't consider babysitting for BNE! a couple of times to be "babysitting." She considers it "hanging out with my nieces" and helping out BNE! to boot.

Her offer to meet us in Springfield will save Urban Dad and me no less than four hours of drive time tomorrow.

Now, it's time to try to use that math that always messed me up in school. Remember those word problems? Here's the one I'm working on....

If the Urban Family leaves Chicago and gets on I-55 towards St. Louis at 8:00am going at about the speed limit, it will take them 4 to 4 1/2 hours to reach Springfield, Illinois.

PPR will be traveling from just west of St. Louis towards Springfield. She will have absolutely no concern for getting a speeding ticket and is excited to see her nieces. What time should she leave her house?

You'll have to forgive me if I blog a bit unreliably next week. U-Dad & I have a long list of things to do around here: go through closets, watch movies, eat the fridge and pantry empty before we all go on vacation, go through toy boxes, organize drawers.... oh, and we plan to do most of it drunk and nekkid.

I love Grandma Camp!

And it wouldn't be possible without the Peeps!


Uptown Girl said...

have a fun week! you are a lucky lady. I want a week off from work. bleh.

Hen Jen said...

you have really cool peeps!

I've wished for grandparent camp, but I have to work so hard to protect mine from them, that a week would be a disaster...thank your lucky stars for a normal, nice, functioning parent!!

I hated those kind of math problems in school, made me want to kick my math book across the room, because, really- who cares?

have a great grown-up vacation!!