Thursday, June 18, 2009

Conversations Around Here

As Urban Dad & I are dozing off, just about to drop off to sleep.....

U-Dad: You're the best, you know that? You're the best mom ever.

Me: Nuuuuuh, I doubt it. I get too mad.

U-Dad: It's okay to get mad. You're still the best.

Me: Thanks, but I'm no Ma Ingalls....

(pause. i'm juuuuuust about asleep.)

U-Dad: Please. She probably beat the crap out of all of her kids.

Me: (pause. then fits of giggling that one gets when one is just about to fall asleep and then has a bizarrely absurd picture in her head)

U-Dad: (fits of giggling because of my giggling)

Both: (giggling and laughing)

Both: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....................


During intermission at M-Pop

(I had initially expressed concern that the understudy was performing for our Saturday matinee. No need for concern, however; her voice was better than the one on the soundtrack that we purchased.)

Me: {Urban Kid 1}, I'm sorry that I had to keep shushing you, but you can't really talk during the show itself. So tell me the questions that you had.

U-K1: Well, if that's not usually Mary Poppins, then how can she be magic? I mean, does she just get to be magic for a little bit of time and then she isn't magic anymore after the show?

Me: Oh, ummm, those are effects. Like when Mary snaps her fingers and a light turns on? The guy who controls the lights turns them on when she does that, so that it looks like she did it by snapping her fingers.

U-K1: Ohhhhhhhh.....

She seems content after this explanation, but I kind of wonder if I've ruined something. But again, she sobbed her sweet little soul out when M-Pop did the big fly-away exit at the end, so it still seemed all real enough after all, I guess.


At the Chicago History Museum a few weeks ago: (backstory -- after a loooonngggg winter of watching HGTV, U-K1 wants to be a decorator)

In a bathroom stall:

U-K1: I don't have to go.

Me: Just go.

U-K1: I don't have to go!

Me: Just try. It's been a long time and there's one here, so go.

U-K1: Does it flush by itself? I don't like the ones that flush by themselves. They're too loud.

U-K2: Too wowed! (hands over ears)

Me: No, it doesn't flush by itself. Look, there's the handle right there. Now get up there.

U-K1: I don't have to go.

Me: For God's sake, it's been since breakfast. It's now lunchtime. You must have to go. Now go! (yes, i am the potty-nazi)

U-K1 gets situated, goes like Niagra Falls, looks around the stall. It's the handicapped stall so that I can trail two small kids into it with me, so she has lots of room to look around. And then up.

U-K1: Hey, I really like the crown molding in here!

Me: The what?

U-K1: The crown molding. Look at it up there. It looks really good in here, dontcha think?

Me: (looking around) You noticed the crown molding? Really?

U-K1: Uh-huh. It's pretty cool, isn't it? I like crown molding. I think I'll put it in my bathroom when I grow up and have my own place someday.

Me: Crown molding?

U-K1: Yes, wait until I can move over there and cover my ears.

(She moves to the corner of the stall with U-K2; they proceed to each cover their ears like two little statues of Hear No Evil)


U-K2: Toooo wowd!!!

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Uptown Girl said...

oh I love the stories Urban Ma Ingalls!! I am in shock that your child knows about crown molding. shock and awe.