Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Luckily, We Use Citrus-Scented Cleaners

I was so efficient today. I had a moment of peace... Urban Kid 2 was parked in front of Blues Clues learning about numbers. Urban Kid 1 was down the street at a playdate. So I grabbed every bit of produce from the fridge and chopped up an amazing...and very large...salad and put it into the fridge for when my beloved Urban Dad came home.

Fast forward about an hour:

U-K 1 has been collected. U-K 2, who did not nap today so is nothing but love and sunshine, is fiddling around in the fridge while U-Dad chats with her.


Piles of beautiful salad all over the bottom of the fridge and even more piled up on the kitchen floor.


This is why it's good to live with a neat freak. And ooooooh man, is Urban Dad a neat freak. I'm more of a "tidy, but lived-in" kinda gal. He seems to think that Architectural Digest might happen by with a photographer.

But he's the one who cleans the kitchen floor.

You know where I'm going with this, right?

And I'm only telling you this because it's a pretty anonymous blog.

Yes, U-Dad piled the food back into the bowl. And served it up.

So when someone says to us, "he's such a neat-freak that you could eat right off of his kitchen floor!"..... Well, yeah, you could.

(PS: Best Namma Ever! is coming tomorrow for a few days. Guess what U-Dad is doing? Cleaning! So I better scoot off of the computer, lest he see me goofing off.)


(PPS: Uptown Girl: to strike out a word, go to Edit HTML tab, go to the word you want to strike out and do this: WORD Enjoy!)


Stephanie said...

So long as he doesn't wash it with him in the shower....

Uptown Girl said...

Urban Dad sounds like my kind of guy. I like it when other people clean :)

I'm not understanding the word striking thing... I went to HTML, but then I didn't really know what to do with the word once I got there.

Thanks anyway!

Uptown Girl said...

I think I got it!! Yay thanks!

rita said...

Many years ago, when I was 11, we moved from The Best Place In The World to The Butthole Of The Universe. It took me a good 20 years to forgive my parents for that, but that's not what I'm here to tell you.

A couple of months later, some semi-friends (read: people we tried to avoid when we lived there) came up to visit us. The hated cats. We had two. Mom fried up a big heapin' platter of chicken. You can see where this is going. Mom, newly pregnant with Number 4, was not in the best of moods, when she walked into the kitchen to see the cats on the counter eating chicken.

Did she freak out? No. She pushed the cats away, removed the partially-gnawed pieces, and didn't say a word to the guests.

Hmmm. They never came back, either.

Gina said...

I'm so distracted by the "husband cleans the floor" thing that the "put it back in bowl" thing doesn't even register.